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Newly reprinted: Narratives of Therapists Lives

In this book Michael White proposes that demoralisation, burden, fatigue and despair is significantly an outcome of how therapy is conceived of and practiced He draws out alternative conceptions and practices of therapy, supervision and training that provide a powerful antidote to despair. Readers are provided with options for taking narrative practices unto their own lives. £29.50


Newly reprinted: Narrative Practice and Exotic Lives

In this book Michael White describes ways of working with couples that dissolve conflict, therapuetic options to address a sense of personal failure, journeys in your work to fascinating and unexpected destinations, considerations of history and culture that shape therapeutic endeavour and ways to assist people to free themselves from negative conclusions about their identities and relationships. £29.50


Newly reprinted: Narrative Therapy with Couples...and a whole lot more

Jill Freedman and Gene Combs introduce the reader to the complexities and possibilities of narrative therapy with couples. Five separate papers offer thorough explorations of theory and practice. Detailed examples of therapeutic work with heterosexual couples are provided. £29.50


Narrative Therapy

Stephen Madigan's 2010 book relates the foundational ideas of narrative therapy as well as his own developments and versions of these ideas. Clear on theory and clear on practice, this book relates many of the authors innovative practice ideas. £28.50

NEW! (2014) Retelling the Stories of our Lives

David Denborough makes narrative ideas accessible to everyone as he helps readers apply clearly articulated ideas and exercises to theirs and others lives. So much of what Michael White invented and developed is laid out here, together with David's own developments and applications to different contexts £17.50



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Narrative Therapy

Stephen Madigan's 2010 book relates the foundational ideas of narrative therapy as well as his own developments and versions of these ideas. Clear on theory and clear on practice, this book relates many of the authors innovative practice ideas. £20.50






Narrative practice: Continuing the conversations

This 2011 book of Michael’s previously unpublished papers is finally available! It consists of eleven previously unpublished chapters by Michael on topics as wide-ranging as subverting the operations of modern power, anorexia, working with men who have perpetrated violence, the significance of personal and community ethics, externalising and responsibility, narrative responses to traumatic experience, engagements with suicide, and couples therapy. £19.00 (Hardback)



Raising our heads above the clouds: The use of narrative practices to motivate social action and economic development - by Caleb Wakhungu and the Mt Elgon Self-Help Project

This publication documents an emerging field of practice: narrative development work. It contains the stories of the Mt Elgon project and its outcomes; the principles they are employing; examples of the methodologies; and ideas for how workers and organisations in other contexts can develop their own effective practices. It also contains an overview of key narrative principles as described by Michael White in a workshop taught in Uganda. £15.50

 Book AND DVD  Strengthening Resistance

This publication documents ways in which narrative practices can be used to respond to individual and collective trauma. David Denborough, Jill Freedman and Cheryl White provided narrative skills training to 34 trauma counsellors and assistant lawyers, all of whom are themselves survivors of the Rwandan genocide. This publication  documents what was addressed during the workshop. It also documents the skills and knowledges of genocide survivors in dealing with the effects of trauma in their lives. This is a powerfully moving and inspiring testimony. At the same time, this publication practically demonstrate how narrative approaches can be used in situations of extreme trauma in order to strengthen hope in contexts of hopelessness. The publication is accompanied by a short DVD which contains the stories of the skills and knowledges of the Rwandan workers. (This DVD is in PAL/region 4 format, and will also play on 'all region' DVD players in other areas.) £27.50

DVD - Team of Life: Offering young people a sporting chance
 by David Denborough
The Team of Life narrative approach uses sporting metaphors to enable young people to deal with traumatic experience without having to speak directly about it. Young people are invited to consider who are the members of their ‘Team of Life’:

Young people then go on to speak about their favourite ways of ‘tackling’ problems, the ‘goals’ they wish to ‘score’, and so on. This DVD outlines the key steps in the Team of Life methodology which is now being used in a wide range of contexts: in schools, with refugees in Australia, with young men in prisons in New York State, with young people in Norway, Uganda, Brazil, Palestine, and elsewhere.

The DVD runs for one hour  £27.50

Exploring Narradrama DVD  
Narrative Counselling in Schools - John Winslade & Gerald Monk (2007) (2nd Ed)  
Collective Narrative Practice: Responding to individuals, groups and communities who have experienced trauma - by David Denborough (2008)
This book introduces a range of hopeful methodologies to respond to individuals, groups and communities who are experiencing hardship. The methodologies described include: Collective narrative documents, definitional ceremonies, The Tree of Life: responding to vulnerable children, The Team of Life: giving young people a sporting chance, Checklists of social and psychological resistance, Collective narrative timelines, Maps of history, and Songs of sustenance. This book also breaks new ground in considering how responding to trauma also involves responding to social issues. How can our work contribute not only to ‘healing’ but also to ‘social movement’? Price: £24.50
Conversations about Gender, culture, violence & narrative practice Eds Yuen & White (2007)
This inspiring book consists of writings from women of many cultures about initiatives, projects and ways of working to respond to violence. This collection will be powerfully relevant to practitioners working with individuals, families and/or communities whose lives are affected by violence and abuse. It includes practice-based chapters describing narrative ways of working with those who have experienced violence and also creative ways of engaging with men and women who have enacted violence against others.  £21.50
Trauma: Narrative responses to traumatic experience
Edited by David Denborough (2006)

 This wide-ranging, and practice-based book provides clear explanations about how to use narrative ideas to respond to adults, couples and/or children who have endured traumatic experience. Key themes include:  

  1. Ways of ensuring that children (and adults) are not re-traumatised during counselling;

  2. ‘Double listening’ – to listen not only to the story of trauma but also to the story of how the person has responded to the experiences they have endured; 

  3. New approaches to ‘trauma de-briefing’;

  4. Ways to unearth and acknowledge the values, skills and knowledge of those who have experienced multiple traumas;    

  5. Creative methods for responding to workers’ experience; and

  6. Ideas for taking care not to replicate forms of psychological colonization when understandings about trauma work are ‘exported’ across cultures.

The papers included here have been previously published in the International Journal of Narrative Therapy and Community Work. £24.50

Narrative Therapy with children and their families
By Michael White and Alice Morgan (2006)
Michael White and Alice Morgan share stories from their counselling practice with children and their families and provide explanations of the thinking that shapes these conversations. Detailed explanations are provided of externalising practices, scaffolding conversations, ways of inviting significant others to act as an audience to consultations with children, and considerations relating to the position of the therapist.  Moving and amusing stories of work with children and their families are also included and the following questions are considered:  When there is conflict between parents and children, how can therapists create a context for collaboration? How can counsellors respond to children who have experienced significant trauma? When a therapy session with a child is going nowhere, what might be helpful to reflect upon? How can narrative practices shape child protection inquiries? If your work involves conversations with children, this easy-to-read and rigorous book, will prove to be a treasured companion. £19.50
Narrative Therapy: An introduction for counsellors
(2nd Edition 2006) by Martin Payne
This updated book describes how a British counsellor took up the narrative practices of Michael White and put them to work. Clear and comprehensive, it provides both a 'how to' and a 'why' of narrative practice and vividly describes his struggles and successes. £25.00
Narrative Therapy: Responding to your questions Compiled by Shona Russell & Maggie Carey
How do you know what to externalise? How do you begin a re-authoring conversation? Why is it important for there to be witnesses to preferred stories and what are definitional ceremonies? When are you likely to engage in a re-membering conversation? What is poststructuralism and how is it relevant to the therapy world? What is the fit between feminism and some of the practices of narrative therapy? This book offers answers to these questions and many, many others! It also provides detailed examples of therapeutic conversations shaped by the narrative practices of externalising, re-membering, outsider witnessing and re-authoring. This book has been created from responses from therapists from Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, England, Canada, South Africa, Mexico and Austria, and therefore provides glimpses of therapeutic practice in many different parts of the world. If you are trying to engage with narrative practices in your therapy or community work then this easy-to-read and yet thorough and rigorous book has been created with you in mind. We recommend this book as the perfect companion to 'What is Narrative therapy: An easy-to-read introduction' by Alice Morgan. £29.50.

Best Seller

What is Narrative Therapy? An Easy-to-Read Introduction
By Alice Morgan
This is a very popular easy-to-read introduction to the ideas and practices of narrative therapy with accessible language, a concise structure and a wide range of practical  examples. This book covers a broad spectrum of narrative practices including externalisation,  re-membering, therapeutic letter writing, the use of rituals, leagues, reflecting teams and much more. If you are a therapist, health worker or community worker who is trying to apply narrative ideas in your own work context, this book has been written with you in mind. £19.50

Popular Books

Beyond the Prison: Gathering dreams of freedom
Edited by David Denborough 
This book is a heartfelt invitation to look beyond our taken-for-granted notions of crime, punishment and imprisonment. Beyond the Prison is a passionate expose of the politics of imprisonment, as well as an inspiring account of alternatives. Addressing issues of class, gender and race, and exploring the beliefs and ways of being which permeate the prison system, David draws primarily on his work with men in a maximum security prison, as well as conversations with a range of people in Australia, New Zealand, and North America. £21.50
Biting the Hand that Starves You
by Richard Maisel, David Epston & Ali Borden.
This new book, subtitled 'Inspiring resistance to Anorexia/Bulimia' is a provocative, passionate and intimate description of the hard-won knowledges of those who have reclaimed their lives from anorexia/bulimia. It invites therapists into a different way of thinking and joining with families and individuals. It offers pragmatic possibilities for action in the struggle against anorexia/bulimia having the last word. (Hardback)  £26.00 
Experience, Contradiction, Narrative & Imagination 
by David Epston and Michael White
This volume is a collection of papers that were published by David Epston and Michael White between 1989 and 1991. The purpose in making these papers available in one source book is so that they can be read together. They cover a range of subjects including: personal reminiscence; particular therapeutic practices; practical approaches to various problems; theoretical, political and philosophical considerations; structures and issues pertaining to training and supervision; processes of questioning in the co-authorship of preferred stories. One of the aspects of the work reported in this collection that is of central importance to Michael and David is the spirit of adventure. These papers will introduce readers to this spirit and, as well, encourage readers to embark on further adventures of their own. £19.50
Extending Narrative Therapy
Edited by Cheryl White & David Denborough
This book contains papers that have been published by Dulwich Centre Publications in the last few years, all of which take the practices of narrative therapy into new territories. These papers extend on possibilities in relation to externalising conversations, group work, and community work. Other sections include 'In our own voice', in which authors write of the ways they have re-authored aspects of their own experience; 'Talking about sexual abuse'; and 'New ways of introducing narrative therapy'. This book has been put together for practitioners who wish to keep in touch with the latest ways in which people are extending narrative ideas. £16.00
Family therapy: exploring the field's past, present and possible futures 
Edited by David Denborough
In these personal and thoughtful interviews, influential family therapists from different parts of the world invite the reader into their worldview and the history that has shaped it. In some circumstances they also offer reflections and regrets about aspects of past practices, and they speak of what continues to inspire them. This is a friendly and personal book which enables readers to engage with the history and diversity of ideas of the field of family therapy and also to get to know, in some small way, those whose stories are contained in these pages.  £18.00
Reflecting teams
A special edition of Gecko: a journal of deconstruction and narrative ideas in therapeutic practice. This journal contains seven papers describing different ideas, approaches and structures to reflecting teamwork. Featuring papers by Tom Andersen, Michael White, Maggie Carey and others it represents an important resource for people exploring reflecting team practices around the world. £13.50
Just Therapy - A journey
by Charles Waldegrave, Kiwi Tamasese, Flora Tuhaka & Warihi Campbell
This book brings together in one volume the work  of the Just Therapy Team which has, over the last two decades, inspired and challenged therapists and community workers in many different countries and contexts. Their introduction of the term 'Just Therapy' and their determination to bring issues of gender, culture and socioeconomic justice into therapeutic considerations have had powerful implications. So too, has their example of taking the personal stories of those who consult them as therapists into broader political and policy arenas. The Just Therapy Team's committed, dignified and caring cultural partnerships have signalled alternative ways of conceptualising working relationships.  We hope it will act as a resource both for those familiar with the work of the Just Therapy Team and those seeking an introduction to their exciting and challenging ideas.  £29.50
Narratives of Therapists' Lives
by Michael White
Today it is commonplace to hear therapists speak of experiences of demoralisation, burden, fatigue and despair. This book proposes that this if significantly an outcome of how therapy is conceived of and practised, and draws out alternative conceptions and practices of therapy, supervision and training that provide a powerful antidote to despair. Readers will be provided with options for taking narrative practices into their own life - options that reinvigorate and renew.  £29.50
Narrative Means to Therapeutic Ends
by David Epston & Michael White
(Published by W.W.Norton)
The original, groundbreaking text was the first book to describe what has come to be known as narrative therapy. Rich with examples and  thoughtful descriptions of the thinking that informs narrative practice this book is an important resource for those developing their narrative practice. Whether you are new to the ideas or an experienced practitioner this text is one you will want to have on your bookshelf to refer to time and again. £21.50
Narrative Therapy and Community Work: A Conference Collection
This book represents a range of workshops and presentations that took place at the inaugural Dulwich Centre Publications’ Narrative Therapy and Community Work Conference in Adelaide in February 1999. From practice-based seminar papers, to the perspectives of Indigenous Australia, to hearing from the voices of young people, this collection contains a diversity of thoughtful and invigorating writings. Contributors include writers from Israel, Australia, New Zealand, North America and South America. £13.50
Playful Approaches to Serious Problems
by J Freeman, D Epston & D Lobovits
 (Published by W.W.Norton)
"This delightful and refreshing book significantly fills a gap in the literature on working with children and their families. The authors present a broad range of spirited ideas about practice. The text is engaging and constitutes an invitation to therapists to step beyond the boundaries of the known in their work with children" - Michael White. £25.00
Queer counselling & narrative practice 
Edited by David Denborough
The writings in this book represent a small part of a broader transformation that is occurring within the health professions. Lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans- and bi-gendered experience is disrupting the very assumptions upon which these professions are built. The boundaries of nuclear family life are dissolving and the taken-for-granted is being replaced with the unexpected. The papers in this book describe some of the dilemmas, challenges and joys that this is making possible. £29.50
Re-Authoring Lives: Interviews and Essays
by Michael White
This book is a collection of inspiring interviews and essays. You will especially appreciate this book if you are: looking for hope and new visions in your work with people who are considered to have chronic problems; interested in literature and would like to find ways to express this in your work; developing ideas for consulting with people who have survived abuse; conscious of issues of power and want to make your practice more accountable to the people who seek your help; interested in recent developments in social theory and their implications for practice; and/or wanting to work collaboratively with others in the generation of new possibilities for their lives. £26.50
Responding to Violence: a collection of papers relating to child sexual abuse and violence in intimate relationships
This book contains thoughtful practice-based written by therapists and community workers about ways of responding to violence. The papers in the first section of the book focus on ways of working with those who have experienced child sexual abuse, while the papers in the second section focus on violence in intimate relationships. The third section describes ways of working with men and young men who have enacted violence. Complex issues are considered such as the question of forgiveness; ways of acknowledging and responding to women's outrage; the experience of men who have been subjected to child sexual abuse; and matters of culture and sexuality. This book offers practical and hopeful ideas for therapists  and community workers who are responding to people's experiences of violence. £29.50
The Heart's Narrative
By Johnella Bird, Edge Press
This book demonstrates a compassionate rigour and a creative intelligence that reflects 20 years work - particularly in the field of emotional, sexual and physical abuse. The often vague and abstract concepts of trust, disconnection, gender relations, ethics, power and the therapeutic relatiuonship are anchored in accessible therapeutic practice through the use of clinical scenarios and training exercises. £39.50
Working with the stories of women’s lives…
Collected by Dulwich Centre Publications, this book is overflowing with writings from a diversity of women about their own lives and the women with whom they work. Chapters include: ways of understanding gender relations; talking about birthing stories; making sense of illness narratives and eating issues;  overcoming the effects of sexual abuse; women’s experiences of immigration; the interface of gender and culture; dilemmas facing women’s collectives; the stories of lesbian lives; working with older women…and many, many more! £24.50