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DVD's CD's, Videotapes for rental and purchase



VIDEOTAPES & DVD's  for rental


These are professionally made DVD's and tapes - many from Masterswork where they can be purchased outright (  However, the production quality, particularly with the older tapes, is not up to modern standards. The quality of the clinical work is varied, in my view, from the average to the exceptional and I have marked the tapes I recommend as showing clear clinical skills and being accessible to any audience.

Whilst we do have other recordings showing recent clinical work of narrative therapists, they are only available for viewing as part of our course teaching.


Tape rental is £15/week + £5 postage anywhere in Europe. You are responsible for it's safe return within 10 days of its arrival. We also charge a £50 deposit per tape - this can be deducted from your credit card if you prefer.

    1. DVD “Reauthoring Lives Through Stories of Caring”. Facilitation of change….The work of Michael White. Michael White meets a 46 year old man, diagnosed as mentally ill, and his older sister, who is his guardian. A reflecting team adds comments and the man and his sister respond. One year later a follow up interview reveals the effects of the interview on their lives. 43 minutes. Recommended . 

2. DVD "Beating Sneaky Wee" A family consultation with Michael White around a young girl who has been wetting and soiling. Includes a follow up interview showing changes. 45 minutes. Recommended

3. DVD/TAPE “The Best of Friends”. An interview with Michael White. Michael White interviews a couple about hopes and recent developments in their relationship. This tape shows some key questions and how they created openings for new understandings. 95 minutes. Recommended.

 4. DVD/TAPE “Narrative Therapy With a Young Boy: Hannah is in my Heart Now”. An interview with David Epston. David Epston calls this his “most unforgettable session” as he meets with Sebastian, an 11 year old hospitalised for acting “out-of-control”. Epston’s playful manner conveys narrative practices well and he reveals some information from an eight-year follow up. Recommended. Now available in DVD format too.

 5. DVD/TAPE “Expanding The Moment: Working With a Momentary Unique Outcome” A consultation with David Epston. David Epston interviews another therapist, Pam, about a situation she is finding hard to help move forward. Creative examples of question that help find and sustain new openings. 45 minutes. Recommended.

 6. DVD/TAPE Narrative School Counselling: Powerful and Brief”. An interview with John Winslade. John Winslade interviews Matt, 14 and his mother in this lively demonstration of narrative practices in a school setting. Gerald Monk participates as a reflector and Matt and his mother respond. 57 minutes. Recommended.

 7. DVD/TAPE “Partners in Strength”. The work of Jill Freedman and Gene Combs. Jack and Marilyn chronicle their journey struggling with a life threatening illness. An unusual reflecting process for a co-therapy team is demonstrated. 80 minutes.

 8. DVD/TAPE Recommitment to a Marriage: Remembering or Reauthoring?”. A clinical tape of David Epston working with a young family. 60 minutes

 9. DVD/TAPE “Grief Takes a Holiday”. A tape of seven interviews with elderly women conducted by Lorraine Hedtke. This is a tape of re-membering conversations and includes reflections from a small team after each interview. 146 minutes

 10. DVD/TAPE “Conversation about Wittgenstein”. This tape is of the opening plenary of the Brief Therapy Association and features Steve de Shazer and Matthias Varga von Kibed, a Wittgenstein scholar from Munich University. 90 minutes

 11. DVD/TAPE “Post-Modern Connections”. 1998. Three excerpts from a workshop with Tom Andersen and Harlene Anderson. A refreshingly clear exposition of modernism and post-modernism, structuralism and post structuralism, and some illuminating comparisons between their working styles and the working styles of other well known family therapists. Pauses are suggested at different points to invite discussion. 50 minutes. Recommended.

 12. DVD/TAPE “Scaling a Marriage is Not Like Scaling a Mountain: Or is it?”. An interview with Insoo Kim Berg. A consultation with a woman who is experiencing marital difficulties showing clear examples of the miracle question and scaling techniques. 66 minutes. Recommended.

13 DVD/TAPE “Self-Relations Psychotherapy”. Stephen Gilligan describes and demonstrates the principles and practices of this approach. Three interviews of first sessions are included. 150 minutes.

14. DVD/TAPE “Working With the Mandated Client: A Solution Focused Interview”. John Walter demonstrates some solution-focused practices in this interview with a man who has not come to therapy of his own free will. 57 minutes

15. DVD/TAPE “A Solution Focused Consultation with a Violent Couple”. A live interview with Eve Lipchick. 59 minutes.

16. DVD/TAPE “Dialogues and Dialogues about Dialogues” The work of Tom Andersen and reflecting processes. Tom Andersen interviews the therapist and the couple about their therapy. He breaks some unwritten rules about family therapy in this fascinating view of his work and his philosophy. 90 minutes. Recommended.

17. DVD/TAPE “Good Mother, Bad Mother: A Dissolving Dilemma”. An interview with Harlene Anderson. Harlene talks with a mother of a 15 year old daughter who wishes to live with her father. A follow up meeting several months later is included. 58 minutes.

18. DVD/TAPE ”A Couple Of Friends”. A Milan systemic interview with a couple.
Luigi Boscolo
. 50 minutes. This tape shows the Milan interviewing style

19. DVD/TAPE “I’m Not Leaving You, I’m Just Going Out For a While”. An interview with Bill O’Hanlon. Solution oriented couple therapy with a lesbian couple, including excerpts from individual and couple meetings. 50 minutes

 Please email us with preferred dates if you are wanting to rent a DVD.

We also hold a selection of other clinical videotapes from Michael Whites and others work, for use on our training courses


 CD's and Audiotapes for sale:


  1. Super-vision, Extra-vision & Extending-vision
(A 2004 Presentation for the Supervision Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.)

 -The use of the contributor position in super-vision/consultation relationships. The contributor position is enacted differently to either the objective observer position or the subjective position.

 - The creation of dogmatic positions through an emphasis on textual knowledges. This occurs when supervisors/consultants and teachers privilege text   over the activity or the doing of therapeutic conversations.

 - The negotiation of the power relation within the super-vision/consultation relationship.

 - The use of prismatic dialogue in super-vision/consultation. The use of prismatic dialogue orientates us towards a discovery process. This is in contrast to approaches which act to replicate known professional knowledges through the supervision/consultation process

 2. Re-visioning the therapeutic relationship: Working in the present moment

 When we consider the question, ‘What contributes to successful therapy?’ there has been considerable evidence that the relationship between people (therapist and client) makes a significant difference. I believe the therapeutic relationship provides us with a significant experiential resource. Through a relational discovery process I believe we can discover and create difference and thus change in the present moment. This difference can be realised more fully through using relational language-making strategies to collaboratively explore this experiential resource available in the therapeutic relationship.

 Central to this exploration is the construction of a therapeutic relationship understanding boundary that surrounds us rather than sits between us. Within these bounds I can identify and re-search the experiences we (therapist/client) have in order to generate a living practice of collaboration, respect and discovery.

 3. Working with relationship injuries

 Do you find yourself avoiding couple work? Have you ever thrown your hands in the air after a couple session while asking yourself, ‘What else could I have done?’ This presentation will engage you in an exploration of a relational way of talking with couples which allows the often difficult couple concerns to be investigated more fully and productively.

4. Negotiating the Gender Edge: Women working with Men

This workshop recording attends to the responses that many women counsellors have when counselling men - such as placating, disguised lecturing, scrutinising for fairness etc. These responses can get in the way of understanding men's experiences and the ways that gender shapes lives. This CD offers alternative responses and specific counselling skills to facilitate openess and curiosity on the gender edge.

5. Moving into Management: Women working with Power

Women's frequent hopes, as managers, to engage in collaborative practices whilst minimising power and structural and emotional changes, are often unrealised. This workshop recording will help you identify current management styles and hidden agendas. The CD also emphasises steps that move theoretical ideas of collaboration into a living and ethical management practice.

6. Constructing the Narrative in Supervision

On it's own, or as a companion to the book of the same name, this CD offers a fresh approach to supervision. The voices of all participants are brought forth with "prismatic dialogue". The experiential nature of the power relation is confronted as implicit rules governing therapeutic practice are challenged.

7. Imaginatively Entering Children's Worlds

Essential narrative tools for working with children, young people and their families including two externalising exercises to discover change-making possibilities, and imaginative abilities that can be brought to life..


 Prices: Johnella Bird Individual CD/Audiotape - £15.00

Discount for any three CDs/Tapes - £40.00

State whether CD or tape required and add 20% extra for delivery


2012 Johnella Bird DVD's

1. Constructing Narratives to make a difference. Three DVD's of Johnella Birds teaching. Includes a workbook with exercises and examples. £60.00

2. Changing Narratives: Changing Lives. A further three DVD's of Johnella Bird teaching. Features live work and a workbook with examples and exercises. £60.00 or £110.00 for both.

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